Denbigh Christian Church was organized on September 26, 1971, as an outgrowth of Olivet Christian Church, when a group of dedicated Christians met in the Stoneybrook Community Center for Bible Study and worship. Shortly thereafter the congregation moved to R.O. Nelson Elementary School adjacent to our current location where services were held each Sunday until March 10, 1974.

In January of 1972 the charter was opened and by Easter 194 people had signed it. The Church was called the Christian Mission until February of 1972 when the congregation chose Denbigh Christian Church as its permanent name.

The congregation moved quickly to acquire the current property and almost immediately launched a building program. Ground breaking services were held on September 24, 1972 and the building was dedicated on April 21, 1974.

Denbigh Christian Church has been served by five ministers in its history; Bob George ( 1971—1986); Charles Gilliam (1987- 1990); Bill Ferguson ( 1990—1995) ; Cliff Manuel, Jr. (Youth Minister,  1988— 1995; Senior Minister, 1995—Present);  and Mike Stohler (Youth Minister, 2001-Present).

Those accepting Christ should repent of sin, confess their faith, and be baptized into Him.